Saturday, March 10, 2012

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Please email this form to .

Hello friends!  We hope you have been enjoying the eggs from our lovely chickens. (Hi if you are newly interested. Pickups are Sundays at the farm stand.) Ten weeks have nearly come and gone and it’s time to renew your subscription.
Please let us know by next week’s pick up (3/18) if you’d like to renew and we will have your eggs available on schedule, with no interruption in your subscription.   The next 10 weeks of subscription are Su March 25 to Su May 27th. Just fill out the form and leave it on the table:
Name:  __________________________________
__ Renew my weekly subscription(s) or half share ($60 or $30/share due on 3/18)
__ Change my full share to a half share ($30/share due on 3/18)
__ Change my half share to a full share ($60/share due on 3/18)
__ I would like to cancel my subscription
__ Other:
Now that all the birds are laying we have a few additional shares available, so let us know if you’d like to increase your share or have friends that would like to join in.
We have a white bucket behind the barn that you can feed the chickens with: use one small handful, make sure to re-snap the lid, enjoy knowing your food!
Thanks for your support,
Carolyn + Aharon
Aslan’s How Organics

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