Friday, January 13, 2012

interview someone poor (monetarily)

adult in debt more than worth (beside mortgages)
old person confined to their home
student with loan not removed in bankruptcy
working for $10/hr or less

hope to survive... did that play into your financial decisions?
your people's health, did that cause additional burden?
do you feel you have dignified labor?
do you have a mentor to look at your resume for mock interviews and such?
can you run your budget. are you kicking good ass in life?
do you get to hug someone daily at your retirement home?
what do you have to say to me, someone still in the middle class?

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  1. it's nice what they are doing but until poor people are recognized as human beings by the upper crust nothing will change. I have been poor all my life and now that I am disabled, I am poor at the hands of the federal government. I live on less than $700.00 a month disability and SSI and get $132.00 a month in food assistance. I've never gotten into big financial trouble never bought a house, never had the money to do anything like that and I"m sure that most out there would call me a looser but because I didn't go to college doesn't mean I"m not educated and because I didn't climb the ladder of success doesn't mean I didn't succeed at what I set out to accomplish. I had my own small business for 20 years, But I can tell you that I receive subpar treatment at medical facilities, I suspect because I am on medicare and medicaid. I am given the cold shoulder at the grocery store by the clerk when I present my EBT card for my purchase. And have even been asked humiliating questions like "are all these groceries just for you?" it's none of her business but yes they are. It was like she was accusing me of feeding others with my EBT card. I have been treated like a second class citizen at the DHS office, when I went to apply for assistance and still get the run around when one of them makes a mistake and messes my benefits up. This has happened several times 4 times by the same case worker. I have only been getting assistance for 2 1/2 years.Greed has hurt the poor man worst.

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