Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Application

Send an email filling in the application below to .


Contact me about:
[ ] csa cash subscription, $200 by june 15th
    food stamp sponsor $50/$100 per year,
    two canvas bags
[ ] csa ebt subscription:
   $20 ebt each week, $20 cash down for possible missed week
   $15/wk and $10/wk sponsorship,
    we have you fill out an intent form to pickup each week for 10 weeks
    two canvas bags
[ ] 1/2 acre collective farming plots, $500 per 1/2 acre per year
   Comes with water, tilling, greenhouse, fertilization, fall cover crop
[ ] community garden parcel, free
[ ] selecting one crops grown in 2012 that you want extra of
[ ] 10 week egg csa $6/doz, ebt okay, or half share.
[ ] work share, 3 hours per week for a csa subscription

EBT members, you have an opportunity to receive upto half of your weekly subscription cost reduced, apply here.

Cash paying members, you have the opportunity to pay $50 or $100 extra at the beginning of the season to reduce the weekly cost of produce for a family on food stamps (electronic benefit transfer, EBT), apply here.

Our season is from July 15th to September 23rd, 10 weeks. We charge $200 upfront or $20 per week for EBT members. We approximate our weekly produce value by monitoring Mount Vernon farmer market prices. Pickups are on Sundays between 4pm & 6pm from our farm stand at 4991 Chuckanut Drive, Bow WA. The weekly produce is enough for 2-4 adults for a week. We are USDA certified organic. You may work 3 hours a week in exchange for a full produce share. We offer half or full acre parcels if you would like to farm with us: USDA certified, greenhouse, tilled, water, fertilized, and with fall cover crop. This year we hope to do another workshare with the Oasis Teen Shelter or United Way; Sunday mornings teenagers come to work on our farm in exchange for a share of produce.

Crop list for 2012 is here and a freshsheet example from last year is here. Bellingham people... last year we had the Mills-Luke-McMaster trio trading off on pickup days. Some form of this will be going this year.

huge velvet lion paws,
Aaron & Carolyn Luke
cell 360-820-0143

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